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How To Begin Your Yoga Routine Effectively?

Yoga seems to be one easy workout variation where you don’t have to huff and pant on a treadmill or lift heavily impossible weights. Though it may just seem like twisting and turning your body, this comprehensive rejuvenating workout acts the same on our physical body and mental health. If you want to step into yoga and begin an effective journey, here are a few tips.

• Your routine should contain Asanas and Pranayama equally

Asanas and Pranayama

Yoga is full-body rejuvenation. Along with improving physical flexibility and strength, it also cleanses the internal organs with Shatkarma and develops mental well-being with Pranayama. Thus, along with Asanas, the physical postures, your routine should also contain these gestures and body movements to obtain an overall effect.

• Choose comfortable mat and flexible clothes

As you perform many twisting and turning Asanas, your clothing shouldn’t restrict your movements. Yoga simply challenges you to stretch beyond your limitations to explore your body’s innate capability. Thus, you should always choose stretchable, comfortable, and properly fitting clothes to concentrate on the posture rather than fiddling with the fabric. While performing yoga, choose a peaceful location, a soft yoga mat, and avoid wearing any footwear or accessories.

• Improve your spiritual concentration to perform correctly

Yoga is an art of devotion to energize and strengthen our body naturally. To understand and perform all the postures accurately, you should have a calm and stress-free mind. You can meditate for a while before the session or have a cup of chamomile tea to reduce your anxiety.

• Begin with the simplest hatha yoga

There are several forms of yoga practices like Bikram yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, or Yin yoga having variable difficulty levels and procedures. Some of them also use scarfs, wooden supports, resistive bands, or ribbons, which can be challenging for beginners. Thus, start your journey with the easy Hatha Yoga, which only concentrates on body movements and internal cleansing.

• Don’t back out due to muscle pains! Make yoga a routine

Beginning a new routine can affect your body with muscular pains and aches. Though you have any slight effect, don’t back out and leave the class but try to do it every day. Along with your routine, you should thus include cooldown sessions and take proper nutrition to recover quickly.

You can take a rest day once or twice a week, but consistency can help you develop a routine. The more you get used to the flexible movements and internal cleansing procedures, the more your body will strengthen from the inside.


• It’s better to join a community

If it were aerobics or simple exercises, you could have done it on your own. But yoga is a complex procedure integrating the mind, body, and soul, which needs strict guidance to avoid any adverse effects.

Thus, joining a yoga class with social interaction and a trained instructor is essential to ensure proper guidance and results. A community can also motivate you to keep consistency and enjoy yoga more than taking it as a compulsive form of exercise.

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